JEFFERSON COMPANY presents: Real Paintball Heros

Today we salute you, Miss Jefferson Company Team Photographer.
Miss Jefferson Company Team Photographer! !!

Not even a bright orange vest can keep her from creeping up on a player to capture that moment of glorious achievement or blinding embaressment in 6 megapixel clarity. Even the smallest speck of idiocy can be captured for all the share on the web.

Packing a digital camera as her primary weapon, she hits her mark more often than we do- and causes more damage.
The moment of serious contemplation-- the thrilling attack-- the tail-tucking retreat, none is safe from her.
Framing and focus are her skills, though nothing can compensate for the complete lack of talent she captures on film.

We're outnumbered and under attack: "I think I'll take a picture."
We're kicking ass and taking names: "I think I'll sit out for a coke."

So crack open an ice cold Gerlinger Brew, oh Valkyrie of the Visuals. Its only because of you, that we get seen at all.