Joe C

Callsign: blindspot
Gun: PPS Blazer / Tippmann A5 / RPGs

Bio: Joe has been playing paintball for several years and has developed into a capable field tactician and an excellent front line skirmisher. Joe has taken on the 'Demo' specialist role with great success, leveling the field with one of his many homegrown RPGs. Quick strategy and an ability to anticipate enemy movements also aid his every move on the battlefield.
Joe prefers his Blazer and his gear load lightweight- movement on field is as vital as extra paint. Find him at the front "where the fight is", driving for a flanking maneuver, on the radio coordinating team movements, or lurking at the CP for an outbound mission.
Like many other Jefferson Company members, Joe also carries a Tippmann A-5 when the situation calls for it.

Joe's Special Ops Brigade Page