Lee W

Callsign: wildwilly
Gun: Camo PPS Blazer
PPS Hurricane #122

Bio: Lee has been playing paintball since 1988 and has learned many styles of play over the years. His favorite places to be are aggressively leading the charge, making things happen; or concealed, waiting for the perfect opportunity to wreak havoc. If Lee is around expect the unexpected. When Jefferson Company needs something done, Lee is there to make it happen. Depending on the situation, he wreaks havoc with his fifteen-year old PPS Hurricane with devastating accuracy; or, with his low profile, high speed, Camo PPS Blazer. Whether barrel tagging with a ready grin or squeezing off well aimed rounds, he can frequently be found in the enemy's back country or bringing the battle to their doorstep. An infectious grin and easy going manner helps insure that bruised feelings are quickly salved on and off the field. Like the rest of Jefferson Company, Lee's presence helps insure that honorable play is constantly upheld.

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