Mitch G

Callsign: geologist
Gun: PPS Blazer (point) / Tippmann A5 (back)

Bio: Mitch is a very aggressive player, preferring to be up front with the heavy action. Playing as Jefferson Company's point man, Mitch is never hesitant to make a strong push forward on the field. The PPS Blazer with an Apex barrel and Qloader keeps him light on the field, yet able to hit distant and bunkered targets. Playing as a back man, the R/T Flatline combo of the A-5 gives him the ability to pin and harass distant enemy troops while the body of Jefferson Company sweeps around for flanking maneuvers. Taking notes from the team camo expert (Tom), he can be found either dashing across open areas or low crawling in the thickest brush. He frequently plays major characters or specialist roles at scenarios, and generally can be found by the pack of enemy players screaming for his head on a pike. Having acted as a general at a TAW scenario gives him insight on the workings of scenario games that few other player earn.

A lack of self preservation keeps him in good shape by making many re-spawns during each event, and insures that flag refs remember who he is.

Dabbling in airsoft has further expanded his scenario experience and lightened his wallet.

Mitch's Special Ops Brigade Page