Playing Fields


3 Creeks / Dog Valley
Nestled just within The Toiyobe National Forest, 20 min outside of Reno is a place we call Dog Valley. Ravines, hills of boulders, a small creek, and a trecherous ambush path. This is where Jefferson Company takes a break from their home field.

American Flats
American Flats is an abandoned mining compound of some kind that local players use for games every now and again. There are several multi-story concrete buildings, hundreds of feet of underground tunnels, and other various structures.
Be aware that anyone found playing there will be chased off by Storey County Sheriff's Deputies.
Also be aware of the 30 foot dropoffs, sudden holes in the middle of level ground, the exposed rebar, broken glass and sharp jagged metal everywhere, open pools of chemicals previously used for mining procedures, and any other colorful individuals around who may be using the area for "other activities".
For more specific information on the location, contact officials within Storey County.

Combat Zone Paintball
Combat Zone Paintball consists of the better part of forty-acres of mixed woods, willow thicket, speedball, open road, and entrenched plain. Bisecting the field is a thirty-foot tall dredger tailings pile, overgrown with blackberry brambles and sporting two concrete tunnels. During late winter and spring, three ponds fill to further confuse matters. Atmosphere is added to the field courtesy of Surplus City, in the form of military vehicles, liquid fuel tanks, ammo canisters, mil-spec generators, and other miscellaneous hardware and salvage.

Two heavily fortified command posts are located at the northwest and southeast extremes of the playing area. These command posts are protected by immobilized armored vehicles. These vehicles all still sport fully functional turrets which players can use to defend their home territory. Four additional flag stations are located throughout the field in strategic locations. Each of these flag stations sport unique fortifications and access, ranging from secret trails throughout willow thickets and under blackberry brambles, to interlinked trenches, to 2&1/2 ton trucks perched on a hill.

The Combat Zone store front provides 4500psi compressed air fills and properly weighed CO2 fills for each event, with minimal wait times and excellent service. The chronograph station always is available to ensure that velocities are set correctly. Parts and service are always available for the more popular markers, and whatever Combat Zone themselves cannot handle, the vendors that major events at Combat Zone attract can.

Major events at Combat Zone happen monthly in conjunction with TAW Paintball Scenario Games and Ultimate Scenario Airsoft Games. These events are attended by players from Northern and Southern California alike, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and as far away as New Jersey and Hong Kong.

Herbie's Paintball
Herbie's is located out in Fernley, about 40 minutes outside of Reno. Primarily comprised of speedball fields, once a year all the fields are opened for a scenario game.